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2012 September



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In Commercials

By yoniqua

Viral Smartwater Commercial Reveals Jennifer Aniston’s Secrets

On 19, Sep 2012 | No Comments | In Commercials | By yoniqua

Catchy title. And of course we want to know her secrets. Security feed from inside an actress’s home released by an unnamed source? Yes!

Thing is, with catchy titles … they’re usually a letdown. Don’t get too excited. Everything is dramatized these days to get you to click, read, like and share.

Source: ABC News Blog

Jennifer Aniston is spilling her secrets in a new ad for Smartwater. Well, sort of.

In the new ad, the 43-year-old actress pokes fun at the gossip constantly swirling around her, including her much-rumored pregnancy and how she manages to keep her hot bod. Jimmy Kimmel even makes a cameo as her secret son.

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