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Interesting Design

Bridging the Old with the New

On 14, Jun 2012 | No Comments | In Brilliant Advertising, Interesting Design | By yoniqua

What a refreshing blend of olden-day images and modern-day images. This is an advertisement for a newspaper in the U.K. called The Times.

Source: My Modern Met

In these beautiful new ads for the British daily national newspaper¬†The Times, Queen Elizabeth II is seen walking with a younger Prince Philip, shaking hands with a dapper Winston Churchill and walking next to an excited crowd of children waving flags. Of course, what makes it all so magical is that the photos are taken from two different eras and have been masterfully merged together. They’re a set of creative ads with the perfect accompanying tagline, “The Life. The Times. The definitive Diamond Jubilee coverage. From the newspaper that has witnessed it all.”