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Media relations:

Our strong relationships with media outlets enable us to maximize our clients' media coverage.

Press release writing and distribution:

We provide our clients with real-time exposure by creating attention-grabbing press releases and articles about their business, and then distribute them to the mass media or to specific media outlets that reach their target audience.

Website development - content, design and programming:

Our client website appearance and content are designed to appeal to typical viewers with a short attention span who want to see the information they need in a concise and easy to read format.

Design - web and print:

Our web and print graphics are designed to capture the audience's attention. Our design team collaborates with clients to develop eye-catching, sleek, informative and memorable graphics.

Creating and editing written content:

Our team of experienced writers and editors create quality, concise and effective written content to promote our clients' businesses by engaging and educating consumers.


Since brand creation is the key to a business's success, our branding team's priority is to ensure that our clients' products and services are prominent in the consumer's mind. We collaborate with our clients to design the most effective marketing strategy that will help thrust their brand into the spotlight and make them the topic of conversation. Our goal is to help our clients increase their exposure, sales and profits.

Promotional products:

Promotional products can be a very effective tool for brand creation and recognition by ensuring that information about a business is within reach of consumers throughout the day. Our team designs, develops and creates promotional items that reinforce brand awareness.

Social media marketing:

A strong social media presence enables businesses to reach, engage and relate to their target audiences who can then promote the business among their social circles. Additional benefits of a social media presence include helping businesses generate more exposure and leads, gather marketplace intelligence, increase their search engine rankings, and reduce their marketing expenses.