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 Thank you so much, YQ Media! Success!

I had such a great experience working with YQ Media! Yonit is very friendly and professional. She accommodated my last minute deadline and had a great attitude. YQ Media is a pleasure to work with!
– Sarah Dukes,

You really made a difference to our company!

Yonit is consistently pleasant and a joy to work with. In addition to tackling all assignments with dedication and a smile, Yonit is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. She has successfully made our entire editorial process run more smoothly. I attribute much of Ami’s phenomenal growth to her abilities.

– Yitzchak Frankfurter, Ami Magazine

I related to your article published on the front page of the Jewish Press. Beautiful job!

I wanted to message you for some time to let you know how much I enjoyed your article. Having spent time in Brooklyn as a single lady myself for some time, I identified with what you talked about, and could not put the article down. I was so sad when it ended! The way you wrote about chassidim in general was so respectful, and I know how you feel about the Rebbe! Just beautiful. Having joined Lubavitch a bit on the later side, I find myself feeling that way too. You have such talent. Looking forward to many more wonderful articles!

– Devorah G.

YQ Media’s press release on our business is still getting us press coverage!

My band hired YQ Media to write a press release for a recent concert we played in Brooklyn and we were very satisfied with the experience. From the start, Yonit was easy to work with, professional, and direct. She listened to our ideas and goals for the write-up and also suggested her own. The outcome was a very well-written, concise, and interesting article that has garnered the band a lot of media attention. Not only was the press release featured on many major news sites (MSNBC, Yahoo, Wall Street Journal, etc.), but we have since been contacted by newspaper and television reporters, both in the U.S. and overseas, regarding interviewing our band, and have subsequently been featured in multiple publications and television segments. I recommend YQ Media for its many services—we continue to benefit from what Yonit has done for us.

– Perl Wolfe, Co-Founder/Lead Singer/Songwriter/Pianist of Bulletproof Stockings